Why Does Hair Grow

A simple question, Why Does Hair Grow?

In this article I want to explain a bit about hair growth and it’s purpose on the human body. Most of us take it for granted until it’s gone from our heads or is so thick we look like a bear.

Did you know we have an estimated 5 million hair follicles on our bodies and a total of 100 hairs will fall out everyday. You may have noticed that hair covers just about every part of the human body except for the palm of the hands, bottom of the feet and our lips. Parts of our bodies that don’t seem to have hair really does but it’s so small an fine we don’t notice it.

So why does hair grow on our bodies? Well the answer is for many  different reasons. Hair serves a different purpose depending on where it is on the body but the main reason for hair is on our bodies is for protection. You’ll notice that we have the most amount of hair on all of the most vital parts of the body like the head and groin area. Also see how long does it take to grow hair.

Why does hair grow on our head?

Hair on the scalp is meant to protect it from outside elements such as the sun but also to keep the scalp warm and maintain the bodies heat. A Large percentage of the out bodies heat is expelled through the scalp which is why it is very important to wear a hat when going out in the cold, you can stay warmer longer.

Why dose hair grow elsewhere

As you can see so far depending on the area will depend on the hairs purpose, for example:

Hair that grows in the nose is meant to filer the air before we breath in any foreign substances such as pollen, insects or dust etc. These hair are mainly short and thick to serve this purpose.

The hair inside our ears serves the same purpose as the hair in our nostrils. It tries to stop anything from entering or damaging the sensitive ear drum inside.

Our eyebrows and eyelashes have similar responsibilities as well by helping to protect our eye balls and to prevent moisture such as rain or sweat from dripping into our eyes.

Our arms and legs have hair to help keep us warm and the hair is usually finer. Of course some folks will have allot more hair then others on these body parts.

More sensitive areas such as the arm pits and groin are have hair to protect the body in these areas. However the armpit hair is also meant to help the arms move freely and not stick to the sides.

Why Does Hair Grow Slow Or faster On Some People?

The speed in which hair grows is dependent on a few things like genetics and nutrition. If you have great hair growing genes but lack the proper hair vitamins and minerals to make hair grow then you’ll see thinning hair or hair loss when nobody in your family has a history of hair loss.

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