Here are some celebrity bad hair day pictures for you to enjoy. Yes! Celebrities are people too just like you and me and too can have bad hair days.

#10  Vice President Joe Biden

Here Mr. Biden explains the nuances of our delicate relationship with Russia.  Or, he could just be blurting out another stream of random nonsense.  Sometimes it’s kinda hard to tell. 

#9   Donald Trump

The Donald waves to an adoring crowd with a bit of a windy hair look..

#8   Don King

No excuses.  The man has crazy hair.  Probably cause he’s more than just a little bonkers himself.  A bit different than his normal bad hair look. Whoops did I just say that?

#8  Gwen Stefani

Oh, hey Gwen… still hot of course you Malibu Barbie.  She wants her plastic hair back.

#7  Mel Gibson

Here, Mel affects the crazy sheriff character in the Insane Clown Posse group.  What?  There isn’t a character like that in the group is there? Where’s your cane and top hat?

#6   Cyndi Lauper

Girls just wanna have fun?  Not with hair like that they don’t. Think she probably paid big bucks for that look when she could have just woke up with it.

#5  Brendan Frazier

Would someone please tell this guy about Hair Genesis!!!

#4   Larry King

Here’s living proof that you can indeed cross pollinate a person with an ear of corn.

#3   Mickey Rourke (as Elmer Fudd)

Be vewy vewy quiet.  I’m hunting a waskawy wabbit! hhaaaaaaa..

#2   Russel Brand

Scissors and comb?  Did someone here order a scissors and comb?

#1   Courtney Love

Here’s a fun fact.  Did you know that thorazine and valium mixed together makes for a truly scrumptious milkshake?

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