To Buy Provillus In Canada

If you want to buy Provillus in Canada there are a few items you should be aware of.

Buy Provillus In Canada

Where to buy Provillus in CanadaYou will notice that there are lots of online stores and articles that offer you to buy Provillus in Canada but there are only two Canadian based websites that actually sell it from Canada.

They are:

Provillus Canada

The first site Provillus Canada offer you a choice to buy Provillus in Canada from Picton, Ontario or you can select to purchase it through a discounted affiliate link that sends you directly to the manufacture for better discounts on the price and you can save on the HST, BUT makes up for the discounts in the shipping and hidden fees.

What most Canadians don’t realize is that you can only buy the Provillus Pills in Canada as the topical treatment, Minoxidil for men (Rogaine), is restricted in Canada. The reason it’s restricted is because Minoxidil 5% in the Provillus for men can raise blood pressure causing heart conditions.

The main purpose of Rogaine (Minoxidil) is to stimulate blood flow in the scalp so that the blood can bring vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles, BUT you need to make sure your taking the correct vitamins to begin with and this is why the topical is a secondary part of this treatment.

The hair loss vitamins are the most important part of the treatment anyway because it supplies all the required nutrients directly to the hair follicles.

The Best Deals on Provillus In Canada

The point here is that Canadians do not have to pay any hidden fees if they by Provillus in Canada because the duty and customs fees are already paid for.

The things you need to look out for when buying Provillus through affiliate links is that these sites often have misleading information or bias Provillus reviews to get you to buy. Always buy from a trusted source or authorized dealer to avoid this.

Why would I start buying Provillus in Canada? For starters Canadians have been waiting for a proven hair loss treatment and now it’s available here in Canada. You can purchase it directly from the USA, Amazon or eBay BUT there are a few issues Canadians are not aware of and are surprised to find they have to pay added charges when the product arrives.

The Main Things To Look Out For:

  • Shipping into Canada – First when you buy from the USA the product has to cross the Canadian border and on more than one occasion Canada customs has taken some or all of the product because the Minoxidil in the Provillus is restricted in Canada.
  • Minoxidil Restriction In Canada – If you try to order the Provillus for women you will NOT receive your 2% Minoxidil even though it’s only the men’s topical (5% Minoxidil) that is restricted in Canada.
  • Excessive Shipping Charges – Canadian usually have to pay expensive shipping charges just to get the Provillus into Canada. In other words US sites will have to charge Canadians more for shipping to get it across the border. Often Canadian customers will receive product and still have to pay additional shipping or duty at the time of delivery.

It makes more sense for Canadians to start buying Provillus in Canada where there are no hidden fees or expensive shipping charges.

Richard Jarvis is an online researcher investigating the pitfalls when Buying Provillus In Canada. If you are interested in hair loss you can find more insights, customer reviews and why people all over the world are finding Proven Hair Loss Products at

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2 Responses to To Buy Provillus In Canada

  1. Ira Goldstein says:

    I used Provillus and had great results and was very happy but it was stopped in Canada. What gives? My barber noticed that I had a lot more hair and my bald spot went away. Then it came back. It is so embarrassing and my barber is confused. I wish I could get the same stuff in the Toronto area. Can’t I just go and pick it up somewhere? Why is this such a hassle?

    • You can get Provillus in Canada. See Provillus Canada or Both sites ship all over Canada daily. Provillus is not sold in stores to knowlege and can only be bought online. I have spoke with the folks at Keepmyhair directly and this is where I buy my Provillus in Canada. Richard Jarvis is the owner and will help you out with any questions you have. I really like him because he’s not out to make a sale he’s out to help you understand the products.

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