Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

You will find that most for the good hair loss treatments use saw palmetto for hair loss. This is mainly because back in 2002 a published double blind clinical study undertaken to examine the utility of a popular hair loss treatment called Hair Genesis demonstrated safety and efficacy in a botanically-based, natural hair loss treatment.

Using Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

This study was the first time a naturally derived hair loss treatment like Hair Genesis was proven to work. The use of saw palmetto extract was one of the active ingredients used in the original 2002 Hair Genesis formula, proven in this study and is still used in the new Hair Genesis V formula today.

Prior to the publication of this research, almost no other hair loss treatment used saw palmetto for hair loss and now they are following in the steps of this research.  Certainly, Hair Genesis was the first commercially sold product line featuring the use of saw palmetto for hair loss.  When word got out, many me-too saw palmetto containing products were cobbled together and sold in the mass market.

Now, almost every hair treatment product incorporates some form or version of saw palmetto for hair loss in their formula.  It’s very normal to see the early hypothesis picked up on by so many competitors.  However, we also note that no one else has, thus far, managed to successfully repeat the experiments showing third party clinical studies proving the positive effects of saw palmetto for hair loss.

Is All Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss The Same?

Surely, saw palmetto for hair loss is saw palmetto right?  But if so, why has nobody else been able to prove that their saw palmetto mixture stimulated hair growth?

There are a number of important factors that contribute to this anomaly.  In the first place, saw palmetto is an unusual material.  It is basically a stew containing numerous fatty acids and sterolic fractions, that nature has mixed together into a kind of macromolecular emulsion.  When consumed in their raw form, saw palmetto berries have been purported to offer a number of nutritionally valuable advantages, including the support of healthy urinary function.  Saw palmetto can be ground into a powder that can be used as a tea, or ingested in capsule form.  However, in this manner, the active concentration of fatty acids and sterols is actually quite low.  It is only when saw palmetto is carefully distilled into a high potency extract that the hair related benefits may occur.

So, again, if its merely a matter of selecting for high potency saw palmetto for hair loss, why have the other hair loss treatment lines not been able to show clinically relevant hair growth benefits?

Another key factor that’s important to consider is how well saw palmetto will get from the stomach into the hair follicle.  Now we enter into a realm where intellectual property becomes important.  In our company, we have worked hard to develop carrier techniques and methods of process that enhance the ability of our active composition across the gastric mucosa, through the bloodstream and into the target structures of the hair follicle.

I don’t blame Hair Genesis for not providing a roadmap for all of their competitors to follow?  After all they copy using saw palmetto for hair loss.  So, everything that has been learned in twenty years of studious research helps Hair Genesis stay several steps ahead of our competitors, when it comes to this facet of their formula.

What most people who are shopping for a proven hair loss treatment or want to use saw palmetto for hair loss do not realize is only a chosen few have have been compellingly demonstrated in a number of peer-reviewed research studies, Hair Genesis is unique in its ability to back its claims with objective evidence.

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2 Responses to Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

  1. Berenice says:

    Hello I found that the Procerin works the best out of all the products I have tried in the past. For me taking Saw Palmetto supplements on their own just were working very well.

  2. Daksh says:

    1.Saw palmetto is bieelved to have a similar mechanism of action to the anti-androgenic drug finasteride (Propecia), which has been used in low doses for hair loss. 2.Folic acid, biotin, vitamin B5, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), and silica are supplements that may help maintain the color and thickness of hair. 3.Be sure to check your daily intake of zinc through supplements. Intake of 30 mg or higher for more than three months can induce a deficiency of copper, and low copper levels can result in hair loss. 4.The results of one research study suggest that the essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood mixed with an oil and applied on the areas of hair loss may stimulate hair growth. Hair Oil Recipe 3 drops of essential oil of thyme3 drops of essential oil of lavender3 drops of essential oil of rosemary3 drops of essential oil of cedarwood1/8 cup of grapeseed oil1/8 cup of jojoba oilMix the ingredients together. Cover your pillow with an old towel. Apply several drops of the mixture to areas of hair loss each night, massaging gently into scalp for 3-5 minutes. Store the oil tightly covered. Do not take internally or near the eye area.5.In traditional Chinese medicine, hair loss is linked to kidney deficiency syndrome. Other symptoms of kidney deficiency are weakness and fatigue and low back weakness. Kidney energy is bieelved to naturally decline with age, but people with early or accelerated hair loss may have particularly weak kidney energy. Kidney tonics are usually recommended.

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