Prince William Balding

Prince William balding is simply not an uncommon case as men balding or even hair loss at a young age is very common even with lots of celebrities out there. However, if you really are a Prince William fan, you might have realized his receding hair line. For years Prince William of Wales is suffering from this hair loss dilemma.

With him in the spotlight, reports of the prince’s hair loss condition have resurfaced in the internet and other social media.

Alopecia or hair loss is actually a worldwide occurrence and that this excuses no one, afflicting both the poor and rich individuals.

Prince William, a guy who virtually has everything, a castle, luxury cars, expensive sports, a gorgeous fiance, you mention it. But, the only important thing that the he does not have is a full head of hair. Britain’s coming king has just turned twenty-eight years old and is evidently grappling with severe androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

According to the news, casual observers who haven’t paid much attention to Britain’s coming king during the years before his recent engagement to Kate Middleton have been stunned by the extent of the 28-year-old hair loss. The British newspapers are constantly punning the “hair to the throne” theme and comparing his hair loss to that of his dad, Prince Charles and the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

With baldness present on both Prince Charles’ and Diana’s side of the family, Princes William and Harry had slight possibilities of keeping away from it. Though, Prince Harry appears to be spared the follicular problem so far. To his credit, Prince William seems to have no qualms with self-acceptance.

Several images are blatantly published on front pages of tabloids and magazines, showing different angles of the Prince where he’s captured with his thinning hair. Many people are actually comparing him to his 26 year old younger brother Harry who still sports an abundant supply of hair.

Bald men have become increasingly fashionable in the mainstream media. The stars are bright AND bald! It’s true. Celebrities increasingly remind the common man that hair loss is not taboo. Baldness is a problem where there is no hair in the area where it grows, always on the head and happens in both individuals and animals. Baldness in men is prominent because every man carries baldness causing factor in his body. The number one and most obvious means of seeing if you are at risk for male pattern baldness is to look at pictures of your father and your grandfather.

There are thousands of good products out there that can help anybody who has problems with thinning hair, regardless of whether he is a prince William or a typical human being.

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