How To Prevent Hair Damage

There are around 5 most common ways that people damage their hair and they don’t even realize it. I have added the main reasons for you to review below and explained how to prevent hair damage.

The first people to experience hair damage are those that try to get more hair volume because the trick they are using often increase risks.  If any of these sound familiar you may want to consider changing things up a bit.

Chemical Straightening or Perms – Are the most common types of hair damage. Even though most of the work at producing healthy hair growth occurs below the scalp about 6 millimeters, using harsh chemicals repeatedly can often lead to irreversible damage.  Often times the traction of curling or straightening can put strain on the scalp causing hair loss or it’s the use of chemicals that cause the hair to become brittle and breakage.

Hair Extensions – Simple but often times can cause damage to the follicle because of the stress they place on it. These hair extensions not only add stress but also cause inflammation in the scalp.  These will often lead you to source a bald spot treatment. So, short term beauty turns into long term hair loss.

Hair Braids also fall into the same category as hair extensions. Just think about it you are really pulling on your hair constantly for hours. Although braids look cute again the long term affects are not very great.

Wings and Hair Pieces – Yes I know people choose to wear these to hide their already thinning hair but in fact they are contributing to it and they don’t even realize it. Fact is they do damage the underlying scalp and hair by rubbing and the friction action even though it’s small can cause rapid hair loss.

Blow Drying Hair – This is the least severe out of all the regular causes of damaged hair. It’s the blasts of hot air that are directed at the scalp that can cause the damage. What’s happening is the hair get’s rapidly over-dried and in some cases even burned.  The keratin molecules that make up the hair shaft will also be subject to damage.  The hot air causes, split ends, fly away hair and in time gradual loss or thinning hair.

If you want to know how to prevent hair damage you should first consider if your doing any of these things and consider stopping or at least changing things up a bit.

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