Here Is My Procerin Review – It’s Not A Bad Hair Loss Product

Procerin is for Men

Procerin is for Men

This is my personal Procerin review. First I had used 2 other products for hair loss (won’t mention names…. Propecia and Scalp Med) but they did do too much for me, just a waste of money.

When my wife seen Procerin in an advertisement and it said it was a “PROVEN hair loss treatment I needed to find out everything I could about it. After going online to various forums and getting mixed Procerin reviews I became slightly confused. Although there were mixed discussion these were actual people that used either used Procerin or some similar hair loss vitamins.

As I continued on my quest I spoke with a local pharmacist that sold it and asked how well it was selling, if she could give me any more information about it. I also phoned Procerin in Portland Oregon and hit them up with my ton of questions and of course they told me it was the best hair loss product and that I should use it but I got allot more out of them then they thought.

When I was satisfied that I had enough information I realized I had quite a list of Procerin facts.

Procerin Hair Loss Treatment Facts:

  • The benefits are greatest for younger men (18-35)
  • Is effective in older men whose hair is still in a growth phase
  • Just for male hair loss
  • Works on thinning hair or a receding hairline
  • All-natural DHT inhibitors
  • No chemicals
  • No sexual side effects
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • New studies show an 88% Success Rate
  • Inhibits the 5AR enzyme
  • Results can be seen after 2 months
  • May cause stomach discomfort
  • May cause and itchy scalp
  • Will not help with hair loss in non-DHT related causes
  • Designed to combat alopecia and regrow hair

I started using Procerin to grow hair on both my Vertex (Crown) and my receding hairline and I kept track of any result with actual pictures. After just 7 days my head became very itchy and I was told this was because the blood vessels in the scalp were swelling or becoming larger to allow more blood flow to the follicle and I know that Minoxidil (Rogain) does the same thing so I lived with it. I got past it but it took a while about 2 months total as some days were worst then others. Right away I did notice I stopped losing hair.

I tried my best to use it as directed but it was hard to remember or I would take off and forget it. After 7 months of continual use, which is VERY hard to do my wife could see hair regrowth on the vertex. No more thinning hair for sure, my hair was thicker and I did have allot less dandruff.

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I am still using Procerin today and it has been 14 months since I started and my hair looks good on the crown, still no hair on the receding hair line though but I did more research and found out that it is next thing to impossible to hair to regrow on the receding hair line. It is definitely a better hair regrowth treatment then other out there.

That is my Procerin review and I would certainly recommend it. If you’re looking for more information or the actual clinical studies see them HERE .

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