HairGenesis V And Provillus

The most popular hair loss treatment on the market today has always been Provillus for men and Provillus for women. Although this may be the case right now it will soon change because there a new Generation HairGenesis V on the market now and literally blows the Provillus product right out of the water.

Official Site For Provillus HERE | Official Site For HairGenesis V HERE

Here I will show results from a study I just conducted as part of my Next Generation Hair Genesis V and Provillus review. The results are truly amazing and I feel that we have found the best solution for hair loss available today.

Next Generation HairGenesis V And Provillus

I have been reviewing proven hair loss treatments for almost 4 years now and I pride myself on always asking the tough questions. If the manufacturer says it’s the best hair loss treatment then I want them to prove it to me. If they won’t take the time to show you or help you then they probably are NOT a company, brand or product you should be dealing with anyway.

What Makes A Hair Loss Treatment The Best?

Keep in mind that the best product for hair loss should include key factors such as return rates (PPM), customer service, Certifications, testing or clinical studies, real customer interviews just to name a few.

First of all, don’t believe everything you hear or read online as there are just too many misleading Ads and sites you will never count them all. Of course the product has to work but there are certainly other factors as mentioned above to consider.

Let’s Compare Provillus and Hair Genesis V


Provillus Both

Provillus Both

As mentioned earlier most people like Provillus and it is growing in popularity everyday.

Go to the Official site For Provillus HERE

Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the best hair loss treatment it just means people are like lemmings and will follow what everyone else is doing.

Why Provillus is so effective

The pills are all natural and are very effective for one type of hair loss that caused by DHT. This is the conversion of testosterone (T) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) via the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR). Long story short this is a main cause of hair loss in men and the pills are specifically engineered to block DHT.

Known Provillus side effects

You will notice they say that Provillus is all natural, but what they don’t tell you is that the topical solution is NOT. The topical is minoxidil which contains alcohol which has know side effects. Yes the Provillus truth is it does have side effects if you are using the Topical.

Bogus money back guarantee

Have you ever seriously read the money back guarantee on any product? Well does Provillus offer a “Full” money back guarantee? NO they do not. Read the fine print. You get some money back on any unused bottles excluding the topical because it’s NOT sealed to start with. Now of this money that’s left, you have to return the product at your cost. Next there is a restock fee for each of the unused bottles.

Let’s take at look at how this breaks down. Let’s use the three bottle example,

3 Provillus Kits ($49.95) = $149.85 + $8 shipping = $157 Total

You use 1 bottle and want to return the others. You can get your money back for just the 2 bottles of pills only at $39 each which means your refund is for $78. You have to pay a restock fee of $9 per bottle and the shipping back at $8. So from you original purchase price of $157 you get back $52 total. This is NOT a full money back guarantee and is VERY misleading Provillus Money Back Guarantee.

Obsolete Provillus For Women

Obsolete Provillus For Women

  • Very Limited Clinical Studies – only for a few natural herbs
  • LESS Success Rates
  • NOT Third Party Endoresed
  • NOT WBMed Approved
  • NOT University of Albany Center for Functional Genomics Approved
  • NOT Peer-reviewed medical journal eCAM
  • NOT Scientifically validated
  • Side effects with the Topical Solution only

Go to the Official site For Provillus HERE

Hair Genesis V

Hair Genesis V

Hair Genesis V

The Hair Genesis V which is also know as HairGenesis V or the Next Generation Hair Genesis is the newest advancement in hair loss treatment. It’s not as popular as Provillus mainly because it’s not as well known.

You can order it with all natural Pills, Topical, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Go to the Official Site for Hair Genesis V HERE

I have to say there is no other product on the market today that can match Hair Genesis V in clinical studies. If there I challenge you to contact me with a comment in this post.

This is the only hair loss product to be third party tested by an independent lab which means they did NOT test their own product. Hair Genesis V has bee peer reviewed by other scientist who picked it apart but agreed there was no other treatment on the market that is this effective.

How Hair Genesis V Works

It is completely all natural with no side effects at all. It’s made with specific ingredients that are engineered to combat several different causes of hair loss, again no other hair loss treatment does this.

Fellas…Hair Genesis V stops hair loss in the “RECEDING HAIRLINE”. Almost all other products with the exception of ProFollica, focus on the “Vertex” or the “Crown” of the scalp. Did you know that’s it’s almost impossible to stop hair loss in the receding hair line and yet Hair Genesis have clinical evidence showing it can.

I have interviewed Dr. Geno Marcovici several time about his Hair Genesis products and he was able to take the time to explain that it remains the sole non-drug botanically based hair loss treatment supported with peer reviewed IRB
monitored double-blind clinical research.

The customer service is amazing and they really know what they are talking about and also any question related to hair loss that you may send in are personally reviewed by Dr. Marcovici. Truly amazing.

Hair Genesis V Better Than Provillus

Hair Genesis V Better Than Provillus

  • More Clinical Studies
  • More Success Rates & Customer Reviews
  • Third Party Endorsed
  • WebMD Approved
  • Featured In
  • University of Albany Center for Functional Genomics Approved
  • Peer-reviewed in medical journal eCAM
  • Scientifically validated approach
  • No Side Effects and Doctor Endorsed
  • Excellent Customer Service

Conclusions For Hair Genesis V And Provillus

You will soon see that Provillus will become a treatment of the past or at least a lot less popular as Hair Genesis V proves itself.

Go to the Official Site for Hair Genesis V HERE

Do yourself a favor and be sure to send this Hair Genesis V And Provillus comparison to anyone you know who uses Provillus or is thinking about a hair loss treatment as you will be doing the a favor.

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