Hair Loss Product Comparison – Get The Facts

Hair Loss Product Comparison

Hair Loss Product Comparison

When looking at hair loss product comparisons you will see many bias ratings from those selling hair loss products. Just type in the words ‘hair loss product comparison‘ into any search engine and you’ll end up with pages and pages of search results that seem to offer the comparisons you’re looking for. Until that is, you actually click through to find that most bring you to a page or two containing lots of words and charts, but very little objective fact.

When a person is searching for information about a subject as important as choosing the right hair loss treatment, it only seems logical that they’re hoping to find objective data comparing apples to apples.  Unfortunately, the hair loss treatment category is presently littered with the detritus of marketing materials designed less to provide an informative service than to separate the consumer from their cash.

One of the most common tactics is to post a comparison chart that purports to contrast a number of hair treatment products, but skews the facts so that the deck ends up being stacked heavily in favor of the product they’re actually trying to sell.  Even more deceptively, a number of product brands have taken to publishing websites that look like objective third party comparison pages.  Only close scrutiny brings to light the fact that the seemingly objective comparison page was actually created and funded by the product line that invariably wins the comparison.  Aside from the fact that such ploys insult the intelligence of the consumer, they also do a grave disservice to the very people they purport to help.

A person seeking hair loss treatment comparison information wants to know — objectively — what actually makes one product formulation superior to another.  Since most hair treatment product lines seem reluctant to provide this kind of information, one may reasonably conclude that very few hair loss product brands possess objective third party evidence that they offer genuine efficacy and safety.

Lab Testing Hair Loss Products

Lab Testing Hair Loss Products

There are only a very few companies that have spent the required time needed to develop and test hair loss products. Hair Genesis V is the only company to have spent almost twenty years subjecting their formulations to a grueling but scientifically valid process of critical research and development.  They have also presented their formulas for analysis and testing by third-party entities and then put the data before the peer-reviewed medical community. So for real  hair loss product comparisons you need to be looking at trusted sources.

Hair Genesis V is unique in the non-drug hair loss treatment category by supporting product claims with proven scientific data and will show up at the top of any at hair loss product comparisons.

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