Hair Genesis vs Provillus The Truth

The fast growing Hair Genesis hair loss treatment has introduced it’s newest most advanced formulation called Hair Genesis V Extra Strength. But how does it stack up against the most popular hair loss treatments on the market today.

Provillus vs Hair Genesis

Provillus vs Hair Genesis

What’s truly amazing is the Hair Genesis clinical studies results. There is no other all natural  hair loss treatment on the market today that can match the testing and the results. What I find amazing is that every person out there today that is suffering from hair loss or thinning hair haven’t jumped all of this product.

My Hair Genesis Review

When I was shopping for a hair loss treatment I found that everyone says their product is the best but not one could answer some detailed questions about the effectiveness of their product.

The most popular hair loss treatment on the market today is Provillus without a doubt. It’s everywhere online these days but has anyone asked to see their clinical studies??? For starter I did and I reviewed them too. The entire Provillus clinical study report is based on testing that was done on one or two natural ingredients. For those that don’t know there are natural herbs such as Saw Palmetto and horsetail that have been clinically tested and proven to stop hair loss and thinning hair and Provillus uses them.

Their study is just a copy of the testing done by someone else and I don’t even think it was their own. Very shady if you ask me!!

Hair Genesis clinical studies are published publicly in the National Hair Loss Journal but when I asked the about Provillus, the most popular hair loss treatment they said they have NEVER heard of it. What’s with that?

If other hair loss treatments are selling then this shows me that people are buying just about anything these days. I was one of them. I bought and used hair loss products such as Nisim (Don’t waste your money) which is a hair loss shampoo and Retane which is an all natural spray application. What in the heck was I thinking??? For me, both products were snake oil and I threw my money out the window.

Stick To The Hair Genesis Facts

Hair Genesis V Clinical Studies

Hair Genesis V Clinical Studies

The current clinical studies for Hair Genesis can be found on the main site for Hair Genesis and they are reviewed by third party peers.

This means that other Phd. and scientists that have no relationship to Hair Genesis have reviewed that data and agree that the clinical studies are accurate.

The results in the current clinical studies are currently unmatched and what I like about Dr. Marcovici is he still challenges ANY hair loss treatment on the market today prove that they can beat Hair Genesis. Now that’s confidence.

Provillus vs Hair Genesis

Also what’s truly shocking is that Dr. Marcovici told me that he’s so confident that Hair Genesis will work he will give anyone a full money back guarantee BUT they have to honestly and diligently try it for 6 months at least. For the record, any hair loss treatment should be used for a minimum of 6 months to be effective. Some people will not see results until after that but a majority will.

Provillus offers a money back guarantee also but it’s only on product that is unopened and you pay the shipping back PLUS they charge a restock fee of $9 on each returned item. Where’s the Provillus money back guarantee?

I know it sounds like I am picking on Provillus but the fact is I have used it and it does work very well, I mean I seen results after just 3 months so it certainly works. Give you a hint though if your going to buy Provillus by it from Canada because dealing with is an absolute nightmare. Where do I start, The customer service is bad, shipping time are 3 weeks to a month and they NEVER respond to any questions I have. Richard at Provillus Canada is a great guy to deal with and I seen my product within a few days.

What great about Hair Genesis is that Dr. Marcovici himself reviews any question you may have. I don’t know about you but being able to speak to someone personally like the owners of Provillus Canada and Hair Genesis is real customer service.

I now use the new Hair Genesis V and I have to say the product works great not to mention the pills are easier to swallow because they are soft gels. If you want a real hair loss treatment pick a proven product like I did. Hair Genesis V is that product.

Order Hair Genesis V Directly

Order Hair Genesis V Directly

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