EverLASHing for Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever used EverLASHing for Longer Eyelashes? I got some for my wife and she loves it. It has made her eyelashes a bit longer, enough that it’s noticeable. If someone told me 10yrs ago that you could grow eyelashes longer I would have told them they were full of crap. Well it’s true…you can!

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EverLASHing is a new product introduced by health and beauty giant “Verseo” for people wanting to grow longer eyelashes. I found EverLASHing by frequenting hair care forums and was intrigued by the mount of positive feedback there was. One of the main reasons most people bought it was because it was clinically proven which really sparked my interest. Investigating further I found that they had a third party clinical study conducted which demonstrated a 54% increase in lash growth after 4 weeks.

It works by applying the serum directly on the lashes just like eyeliner. This supplies their proprietary blend of cell-regenerating amino acids, natural botanicals and lash conditioning elements which are designed to start the lash growth cycle. Longer lashes are the result of the stimulated new hair growth.

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