Does Procerin Work The Real Truth

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The Procerin Truth

Just how well does Procerin work on hair loss. Great question and here is the answer to “does Procerin work“.

There were 32 volunteer interviewed that agreed to participate in a controlled clinical study performed using IRB regulations, which means the study was subject to the FDA’s guidelines for approval.

All of the volunteers were asked to use Procerin for a period of 90 days to assess the effects of utilizing both the topical solution and the hair loss vitamins together.

How Well Does Procerin Work

As you can see by the Procerin graph below, from the 21 people questioned there were 2 people that were dissatisfied (Red and Orange)  while 9 were somewhat satisfied and 10 were “Very” satisfied.


Procerin Graph

Procerin Graph

Also there were 15 subjects that agreed that Procerin did help to slow their hair loss while 5 of the 21 were still undecided or had no opinion. Only 1 claimed dissatisfaction.

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How well does Procerin work on the receding hairline?

The real truth of the matter is that Procerin is specifically engineered to work on the vertex of the scalp only. All the clinical testing was conducted on the very top of the scalp on men only.

Does Procerin work for women? No! It is not made for women because it contains a specific ingredient call “Saw Palmetto” that is used to control the prostate issues in men.

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Procerin Does Work On The Vertex

Here you can see just how well Procerin does work on the vertex of the scalp. As you can see in this Procerin before and after picture, after just 90 day there is a noticeable difference in hair thickness.

Procerin before and after pictures

Procerin before and after pictures

One thing I noticed right off the start was that the hair is longer in the picture on the right but the hair count had increased by 18% after just 90 days. Keep in mind that any hair loss treatment you select should be used for a minimum of 6 months before you can expect to see results.

Does Procerin work fast? I would say “Yes” because not many people can see new hair growth after just 90 days. Still I recommended being very patient with and hair loss treatment you choose.

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Buy Procerin Now

The last question to ask is…does Procerin work for everyone? Of course not but it rated as being 93.7% Effective for most as you can see by the clinical studies.



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