Customer Product Reviews For Hair Loss Products

Reviews For Hair Loss Products

Reviews For Hair Loss Products

Here are a few hair loss product reviews that I have received in my emails for those wondering which products work and which ones do not.

Sharon F on Hair Genesis V

The first customer ordered Hair Genesis from me but she had mess up the order by ordering the Topical only from me when she meant to order the pills only. I sent her the correct product (Pills) for FREE and asked her to use both and then let me know how well they worked together and here is what she said.

Thank you, Richard! I will definitely save the email you sent and I greatly appreciate all that you have done! I will try the topical when I go on summer break from teaching (May 23). I usually never try anything like that because of a bad irritating experience I had with a Rogaine (Minoxidil) application which made me reluctant to ever try something like that on my head again. If it does not leave a greasy residue etc, I would love to use it because I am curious about the added benefit of using this as well as the pills. I do love your product because you see the results right away – hair stops dropping after a couple of days; hair becomes visibly healthier looking after about a week or so; and hair regrowth also seems to take immediate effect. I do like the healthy shine and feel of my hair when I take the product – it feels less oily and has a healthy bounce! I don’t even take it every day – I take it every other day to try to save on money (teacher’s salary is never enough 🙂 ) – but the effects are still wonderfully noticeable. The pills seems coated and water soluble – but they are quite large and that may be the only thing that is an inconvenience because I am one of those people who get very nervous taking such a large pill – but it goes down smoothly enough with a full glass of water. Those are my comments on the product. Again, thanks for the great customer service and consideration!

MHN on Procerin For Men

The name he used in the email sent to me was MHN not sure what it means but he probably wants to keep his name confidential, which is fine. He ordered Procerin from me and sent me this,

I wanted to thank you for this great product. I wanna use it forever. It works great!

I have been using procerin (tablets+foam) along with hairmax lasercomb for a month and I can clearly see minimal hairfall and also my hair quality increased remarkably. I was doing a video chat with my mom and she said what have you done to your hairs? I said what about my hairs? She said it looks you have more hair on your head right now! I am not bald or even partially bald, I had less hair on my front sides.

It has been 10 days since I added 1 mg of finasteride to my plan and I feel it’s the best combination I have ever had.

Thank you so much. Just put this in your website and contact my email if you need more detail.

(Thanks! I did add it.)

Luca P on Provillus for Men

This fellow has been reordering Provillus for men from me for about 2 years now. Every time he orders by phone and talks my ear off. I asked him if he could send me and email explaining why he loves using Provillus for his hair loss. Here is what he said,

Richard your Provillus is the best hair loss treatment I have ever used I will continue to use as long as your selling it. As I told you before I am Italian and I need my hair. When I started using your Provillus my hair was noticeably thinning and then I found you. I’m not sure of you remember me asking you over two years ago but you recommend Provillus and I took your advice. I have my hair back thick and black…well a little grey in there too. You make this happen for me and I am your long time customer, thank you very much.

I hope these customer reviews help you make a decision.

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