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I just watched a commercial on TV about Bosley Hair Restoration and and wanted to learn a bit more about these guys and what Bosley offers men.

First thing you need to know is that they offer men with balding heads and thinning hair an effective solution that puts hair back on their heads through hair transplants. This is certainly a proven method to cure hair loss but it can be expensive.

It’s always the cost that drives men and women to proven hair loss products instead.

Bosley Hair Transplants

Let me tell you about what I have learned about Bosley. First of all there are many different transplant organizations out there but I feel these guys are a bit different because they focus on random hair placement which makes the hair allot less noticeable.

Noticeable hair plugs

Noticeable hair plugs

I had a boss once that was undergoing hair transplant surgery and one thing we all could notice right away was the hairline. You could easily see where the hair was being placed because it was in a straight line and in small clusters. Nobody would even talk about it out loud or at work but when we did the first topic discussed was how fake it looked.

The whole idea behind getting a transplant is so that your head and hair are not the topic of conversation and hides the fact your going bald in the fist place, isn’t it? I think so.

Bosley hair transplant cost

Oh this is a big secret that most past clients won’t reveal and Bosley themselves won’t discuss without a consultation. You have to understand why. First of all it’s expensive and most men don’t want to reveal the amount of money they spent on their hair and basically would like the least amount of people to know they even had the surgery done.

Bosley hair transplant cost vary because of the amount of work that has to be done so they can’t really give you and answer without sizing you up first in a consultation. The typical hair transplant with graphs can be between $600 and $1800. You will also require additional annual visits for possible maintenance at a cost of around $300 – $600 per visit.

Yeah I know it can be very expensive but the hair restoration is a life long and natural solution.

Bosley has consultation location throughout the USA and Canada and can be reached very easily at 1-800-985-6405.

Alternative to Bosley or any others

treatment for thinning hair

treatment for thinning hair

There are alternatives to hair transplant surgery that will cost you a fraction of the price but there is some risk involved now days. Hair loss products are all over the internet these days and of course all of them claim to be the best.

Which hair loss products are the best?

First of all you should know that not all of them are proven. Only a select few like Provillus, Hair Genesis and ProFollica fall into these groups. Prices range from $41 of a month supply to buying a kit that will include pills, topical, shampoo and conditioner for around $60.

So if you are considering Bosley for your hair transplant keep in mind there are other options.

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  1. Charles Rick Allen says:

    very intrerested in this

  2. Gillermo says:

    Thanks for your personal experience with Provillus but I really like ProFollica better. I actually enjoyed using it, you may to. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will often come back to see what others have to say. I want to encourage continue your great work.

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