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Being a man or women with thinning hair or hair loss can negatively affect to your self-esteem especially if you are at a young age. Studies show that more men experience hair loss later on in life but can you imagine losing your hair while in high school, college or university.

Also, many people think that baldness only occurs in men, but in fact women experience thinning hair also. Women will often get thinner without going completely bald like men.

Most treatments on the market are geared towards men but women will be happy to know that this is changing and there are new hair re-growth products being introduced for women also.

With that being said not all treatments are the same. Most hair loss treatments are in fact snake oils, fakes or made of poor quality ingredients and this is why it’s believed that most products don’t work.

If you have been experiencing hair fall then you’ll be shopping for a proven and safe product without side effects.

Provillus hair loss treatment for men and women was introduced and marketed as a safe and proven treatment so we decided to review it and explain how it works.

How Provillus Works

Did you know that balding areas or thinning hair doesn’t necessarily mean the hair is gone forever? Fact is in many cases hair has become thinner through a process called “follicle miniaturization”.  Over time hair becomes thinner until it becomes so thin it falls out at the scalp but is still there visibly as a small, thin, white hair if you look close enough.

At this state it will continue to slowly get thinner and eventually the hair follicle will die. Once the follicle and surrounding cells are completely dead nothing will revive it regardless of what you read online these days

Provillus is most effective when hair is in the miniaturization phase because it will reverse the process showing more visible results quicker than any other treatment on the market today. This treatment understands how to stimulate growth in the hair follicle.

There can be many reasons for thinning hair but the medical community all agree the main cause is follicle miniaturization caused by many different issues that Provillus has been proven to address.

For Men and Women

Both women and men need to address thinning hair differently and you will see there are two separate products offered on the official website.

Provillus for Men and Women

Click HERE For Both Men and Women

The website offers a very good explanation of the different types of hair loss including stress factors, hormonal and hereditary hair loss. They will also help clear up common myths believed by many to cause hair loss in both women and men.

They know male pattern baldness is not the same as female pattern baldness, and they know both women and men need different products to address the different causes.

Provillus for men is formulated with all natural Saw Palmetto proven to address prostate issues in men but was later found to control hair loss.

Provillus for women is formulated with an all-natural herb called horsetail which helps control female hormones thus controlling thinning hair.

How Much To Take

The typical rule for any hair loss treatment is to stay on it for a minimum of 6 months and here’s why…Hair grows in cycles (a full cycle is 6 months) and if you start your treatment during the resting phase (Telogen phase) results may take months before results can be seen.

Customer reviews show consumers as seeing results after just 6 weeks but these are not typical. Most people will see hair fall stop after just a few weeks and hair regrowth starting after 4 months.

Right now you can get Free bottles of Provillus when you purchase a certain amount of bottles.

Here’s how it works:

Buy 3 bottles get 1 FREE or Buy 4 bottles get 2 FREE. Here’s the order form.

Buy Provillus HERE

Click HERE For FREE Bottles

You need to use it for a minimum of 6 months! Take advantage of the FREE bottle offer as this will allow your hair follicles the best chance to start re-growing hair.

Side Effects

Most men and women I have spoken to buy the full six months but some feel there may be side effects and choose to buy just one bottle to try it out first.

There have never been any reported side effects and here’s why… All the ingredients in the pills are completely all natural. Consumers have been using it for years and have seen great results without any side effects at all.

Where to buy Provillus

DO NOT order from auction websites or use discount websites and here’s why…like most things these days that grow in popularity, cheaper version or replica products sprout from third world countries and sometimes sold through these sites. The official manufacturer “Forbids” the sale of Provillus on Ebay and Amazon.com so don’t trust product sold there.

Really quick, here’s what happen to me. I bought Provillus for men at a discount through Ebay (both Pills and topical solution) and had it shipped to Canada. It took 5 weeks to arrive and when it did the topical solution was NOT in the package. The topical solution is 5% minoxidil which is restricted in Canada so it was stopped at the border and the topical was confiscated. The seller said there was nothing they could do.

The safest way to buy the Provillus pills is through an official distributor like Provillus Canada or Keepmyhair.ca. They’ll usually explain in more detail just how the products work and will offer more assistance then the official site.

Fact is customer support is usually very poor on the official site unless you’re making a purchase after that good luck. An official distributor will often send you to the official website for your purchase but before and after you buy your product they can offer support.

$ $ How To Save Money When You Buy $ $

How to Save Your Money

How to Save Your Money

When you are directed to the Official site you first make your selection for the men’s or women’s formula.

On the next screen you will have to complete the form with your name and address.

It’s on the next page where you’ll make your selection. You will see the free bottle offers.

Here’s how you can SAVE MONEY…

Do not purchase the additional “insure” offered or the express shipping and here’s why…

The parcel is already shipped with insurance ($100) for FREE. Fact is the extra insurance protects you if the order is lost and not received. Only .01% of orders are ever lost during shipping. Save your money.

Express shipping cost $26.71 but the parcel is still shipped the exact same speed. Lol. Fact is all parcel are shipped express and for those that live in Canada the product still has to pass through Canada customs and they tend to hold products for at least a few days regardless. You still will not see your product any sooner. Save your money.

Payment Methods

Like most online sites they accept many different credit cards. For those who prefer not to give out their credit card information online you can pay via “PayPal” which is also a secure method of payments.

If you choose to pay via PayPal then you will be redirected to a Pay Pal page where you will be required to enter your information. This is very fast and easy.

Return Policy Truth

There is a full 90 day return policy as stated in the Terms, Legal & Herbal Safety Guidelines found at the bottom. Because a majority of people see some type of results within 3 months they offer you the choice to get your money back. Remember you really should try any hair loss treatment for a minimum of 6 months before making any decisions. They know it works so they are not too worried about returns.

Provillus Reviews

Online shoppers ( I was one ) always want to know what works and how well. When I started my Provillus I had seen results after just 4 months. The Provillus reviews I researched revealed some mixed positive and negative feedback like most products these days.

Fact is I had contacted 4 customers that had left negative reviews to find out more details and here’s what I found out.

Two men aged 34 and 26 had thinning hair issues for about the last four years or so. They both told me that Provillus didn’t work for them at all. I asked how long they took the product for and they said around two months. Hair loss treatments should be taken a min of 6 months.

Another lady had been taking the pills and topical solution for around 1 month and stopped taking it due to the way the topical made her hair feel. When asked if she continued with the pills she said no that she thought they had to be taken together. The pills are the most import part of the system and some countries restrict the topical anyway due to effects on high blood pressure. The pills provide nutrients to restart hair growth; the topical stimulates blood flow in the scalp and is not a necessity.

The last man I spoke to had a reaction with his cancer medication and said he thought it may have been the pills so he stopped taking them. He could not confirm if the Provillus pills were the issue but he said he hadn’t seen any results anyway.

I have seen many positive reviews and some people I emailed swore Provillus worked amazing for them. Most of these reviews and interviews revealed and increase in hair thickness also.

Let’s Talk Provillus Ingredients

Many of the generic ingredients include, vitamin B6 and Biotin, that you’ll find in most hair products. Ingredients specifically to address thinning hair are Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Pumpkin seed extract, and horsetail.

So that you are not misinformed from other websites I need to clarify something I read the other day. One website stated that it was a shifty marketing trick to make you think that you need to make sure you get “the one formulated for your sex though as the one for men may not work for women as women do not have the same underlying hair loss causes as men do. This is a clever marketing ploy – nothing more.”

This is WRONG! Hair loss in men is different otherwise you would see many women with bald heads and receding hairlines. Fact is men produce more testosterone than women (Yes women produce a small amount) which in turn get converted to a “Bad” hormone called DHT which is drawn to the hair follicle choking it off from important nutrients needed for hair growth as stated earlier this is called follicle miniaturization.

Women can experience hair loss caused by hormonal changes and menopause which requires a different formula then men. Provillus for women addresses these issues specifically.

Is Provillus For You

I can’t state this enough…when it comes to hair loss you need to be patient before you may see results. Hair cannot grow back overnight or within just a few weeks. Everyone is different so results will vary depending on many different factors including diet, genetics, health, hormones, stress levels and medication just to name a few.

The best time to address thinning hair is as early as possible. Most people wait until the hair fall is very noticeable or the hair is completely gone and follicles are dead.

Suggested Use

The instructions on the bottle of pills can be confusing so I will help clear it up. You want to keep the nutrients provided by the pills in you system 24/7 so to accomplish this you should take one pill in the morning and one in the evening. The instructions on the bottle can be interpreted by some people to take two first thing in the morning (not recommended).

Other Suggestion

I have used the Provillus pills myself and have done some extensive research on it so I know it works for most people making it a very viable hair loss solution.

There are some newer products to hit the market these days that offer natural treatments meaning no chemicals. Provillus pills are all natural also but the topical is not.

Other natural treatments for hair loss

HairGenesis V which comes with a specialized shampoo/conditioner and a natural topical solution. Without a doubt there is no product on the market that has this many proven clinical studies. What make it unique is that is can be used by men and women and it addresses various types of hair loss causes.

ProFollica is another proven remedy for thinning hair that is 100% all natural with both the pills and topical. What makes it different is that it can be used by both men and women but it has been proven to regrow hair in the receding hair line. No other product boast this claim and they have clinical studies to back it up.

Trichozed is very new and very unknown hair fall treatment that uses high doses of Saw Palmetto so I would only suggest men use this product.

Procerin for men has been around a long time and has many positive reviews, in fact when I was inquiring about it a previous customer emailed me saying it was the best product in the world and he has had amazing results with it. The topical solution is almost the same as the Provillus topical which is a lighter version of minoxidil that produces results without side effects.

Other products are very questionable so I haven’t mentioned them here but the treatments listed above are your best bet aside from an expensive hair transplant.

Provillus is a very popular treatment but as you can see it’s not the only one out there.

Keep an eye out for our reviews of other hair loss treatments in detail and see what they can do for you.

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