How to Stop a Receding Hairline

How to Stop a Receding Hairline

Stop a Receding Hairline

The hair has a lot of functions other than just make a person look nice and presentable.

For a lot of people, it is a big confidence booster, as the lack of it will surely make one feel shy and inferior. But the thing is, the hairline may recede for a lot of reason.

While such an instance is mostly associated with old age, there are many adults who suffer from hair loss very young.

What is a Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is simply defined as losing hair progressively. For men, it is can be referred to as the male pattern baldness. For women, it’s commonly called alopecia. But what happens between male and female hairlines is basically the same. First, the hair starts to thin. Next, the forehead becomes too prominent. Then a bald spot will appear on the top of the head. Eventually, the entire head may become hairless. There are many reasons why the hairline recedes and genetics play a very big role in it. In men, a receding hairline could start at a young age, even in one’s teenage years.

Causes of a Receding Hairline in Men

In men, the most common cause of a receding hairline is the strong presence of male hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is a sex hormone that is produced during puberty, which levels must go do down as a man ages. Its main role is to stimulate the development of the male secondary sexual characteristics.

So when a man enters adulthood, this hormone will be of no more use. If the body continues to produce it, it may cause the hair to recede hairline. This is because they tend to block the hair follicles. DHT is produced when the protein called 5-alpha reductase is converted.

Aside from dihydrotestosterone and 5-alpha reductase, there are many other possible causes of a receding hairline in men and these are:
• Heredity
• Age
• Stress
• Medications like chemotherapy
• Improper diet and vitamin deficiency
• Burns
• Weakened immunity
• The presence of other diseases such as thyroid problems, adrenal gland cancer, seborrheic dermatitis, trichotillomania, and diabetes

Causes of a Receding Hairline in Women

Women may suffer from receding hairline too. Like in men, the most common reason for it is hormonal imbalance. Women usually suffer from a thinning hairline whenever there’s a major hormonal change in their body, as what happens during pregnancy and menopause.

The characteristics of a receding hairline in women are very similar to that of men, which is also the reason it is sometimes referred to as the female pattern baldness. But unlike in men, teenagers rarely suffer from excessive hair loss. Hair only starts to recede when a woman reaches 30 years old.

The other common causes of a receding hairline in women are:
• Excessive hair treatments
• Too much pulling of the hair
• Trauma
• Low estrogen levels
• Use of birth control pills
• Suffering from diseases like ovarian and adrenal gland tumor, autoimmune disorders, alopecia areata, and fungal infections,

How to Stop Receding Hairline

The proper care of the hair is very important in order to stop the hairline from receding.

There are different methods to address it, although prevention is still better than cure. For those who are asking how to prevent receding hairline, here are some helpful tips to follow:

1. Stop using chemicals on the hair like bleaches, dyes, strong creams, tints, and straighteners. Extreme hair styling using curling irons and blowers should be avoided as well.
2. Pull the hair, wearing caps, and tying the hair too tightly may add to the problem.
3. Nourish the hair with natural oils and hair loss vitamins. Massage the scalp to increase blood circulation. Brushing the hair 100 strokes each day will also help.
4. Change your diet. There are many food items that are rich in nutrients that can help address hair loss.
5. Use a fortifying shampoo that can reverse the condition.
6. Take supplements that are specially developed to restore the fullness of the hair.

What Vitamins can Fix Receding Hairline?

Certain vitamins are essential in keeping the hair full, healthy, and strong. The vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are believed to help greatly in addressing hairline issues are the following:
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin B
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E
• Zinc
• Magnesium
• Folic Acid
• Biotin
• Keratin

Technically speaking, anything that can make your skin glow is good for the hair too. Remember that the hair grows on the scalp and the scalp is still a part of the skin. Having a healthy scalp means having healthy hair.

ProFollica can Stop a Receding Hairline

Order ProFollica HERE

Order ProFollica HERE

ProFollica is a natural hair loss treatment that is specially developed for men. It is a two-step system which includes the use of a daily supplement and the application of a topical gel. It works from the inside and out to reduce hair loss and increase its growth. Its doctor-approved formula can help address receding hairline in a matter of weeks without causing any side effect. And because it is all-natural, no prescription is required.

ProFollica works in a three-way process: Slow, Stop, and Reverse. First, it slows down the progression of a receding hairline by stimulating blood circulation and making all nutrients readily available to the follicles. Second, it stops the conversion of the 5-alpha-reductase protein into DHT to further put an end to hair loss. And third, it reverses hair fall by awakening dormant hair follicles so it can get back into its normal growth phase, thus promoting a fuller, healthier lock of hair. Men with issues with a receding hairline are advised to try this product to correct the issue.


EverLASHing for Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever used EverLASHing for Longer Eyelashes? I got some for my wife and she loves it. It has made her eyelashes a bit longer, enough that it’s noticeable. If someone told me 10yrs ago that you could grow eyelashes longer I would have told them they were full of crap. Well it’s true…you can!

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EverLASHing is a new product introduced by health and beauty giant “Verseo” for people wanting to grow longer eyelashes. I found EverLASHing by frequenting hair care forums and was intrigued by the mount of positive feedback there was. One of the main reasons most people bought it was because it was clinically proven which really sparked my interest. Investigating further I found that they had a third party clinical study conducted which demonstrated a 54% increase in lash growth after 4 weeks.

It works by applying the serum directly on the lashes just like eyeliner. This supplies their proprietary blend of cell-regenerating amino acids, natural botanicals and lash conditioning elements which are designed to start the lash growth cycle. Longer lashes are the result of the stimulated new hair growth.


Here Is My Procerin Review – It’s Not A Bad Hair Loss Product

Procerin is for Men

Procerin is for Men

This is my personal Procerin review. First I had used 2 other products for hair loss (won’t mention names…. Propecia and Scalp Med) but they did do too much for me, just a waste of money.

When my wife seen Procerin in an advertisement and it said it was a “PROVEN hair loss treatment I needed to find out everything I could about it. After going online to various forums and getting mixed Procerin reviews I became slightly confused. Although there were mixed discussion these were actual people that used either used Procerin or some similar hair loss vitamins.

As I continued on my quest I spoke with a local pharmacist that sold it and asked how well it was selling, if she could give me any more information about it. I also phoned Procerin in Portland Oregon and hit them up with my ton of questions and of course they told me it was the best hair loss product and that I should use it but I got allot more out of them then they thought.

When I was satisfied that I had enough information I realized I had quite a list of Procerin facts.

Procerin Hair Loss Treatment Facts:

  • The benefits are greatest for younger men (18-35)
  • Is effective in older men whose hair is still in a growth phase
  • Just for male hair loss
  • Works on thinning hair or a receding hairline
  • All-natural DHT inhibitors
  • No chemicals
  • No sexual side effects
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • New studies show an 88% Success Rate
  • Inhibits the 5AR enzyme
  • Results can be seen after 2 months
  • May cause stomach discomfort
  • May cause and itchy scalp
  • Will not help with hair loss in non-DHT related causes
  • Designed to combat alopecia and regrow hair

I started using Procerin to grow hair on both my Vertex (Crown) and my receding hairline and I kept track of any result with actual pictures. After just 7 days my head became very itchy and I was told this was because the blood vessels in the scalp were swelling or becoming larger to allow more blood flow to the follicle and I know that Minoxidil (Rogain) does the same thing so I lived with it. I got past it but it took a while about 2 months total as some days were worst then others. Right away I did notice I stopped losing hair.

I tried my best to use it as directed but it was hard to remember or I would take off and forget it. After 7 months of continual use, which is VERY hard to do my wife could see hair regrowth on the vertex. No more thinning hair for sure, my hair was thicker and I did have allot less dandruff.

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I am still using Procerin today and it has been 14 months since I started and my hair looks good on the crown, still no hair on the receding hair line though but I did more research and found out that it is next thing to impossible to hair to regrow on the receding hair line. It is definitely a better hair regrowth treatment then other out there.

That is my Procerin review and I would certainly recommend it. If you’re looking for more information or the actual clinical studies see them HERE .


Hair Loss Research 2013

Hair Loss Research

Lab Testing Hair Loss Products

Let’s talk about what’s happening of the front of hair loss research in 2013 and what’s coming up. There has been much research and new developments with regards to thinning hair treatments based on the amount of research that has been conducted over these last few years and now things are starting to look up.

Hair Loss Research 2013

Now that we are into the 2nd decade of the 21st Century medical science is starting to deliver on the promises predicted from years ago with regards to hair loss.  Major advances across a range of serious disorders occur on a fairly regular basis.  The holy grail for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer’s can be articulated in one word “cure”.  Eventually, no doubt, this will happen.  Not this year, and probably not in the next several years.  But almost certainly, it will happen.

Likewise, in the non-lethal disease realm, progress is occurring, including in our lab and elsewhere where the research focus is hair growth and hair loss.  For us, a key definition of the task at hand has been the evolution of our appreciation for the variegated underlying factors which influence AGA (androgenetic alopecia).  In other words, we have been at the forefront in developing a “cocktail mix” approach to treatment by addressing inflammation, steroid hormone metabolic events, etc., simultaneously.  Our view is that it is less than optimal to treat a complex-trait disorder like a monogenic disease.  This then constitutes an important feature of the rationale we will continue to apply to R&D in 2013 and beyond.

In basic science labs elsewhere, important work is ongoing to establish the genetic basis of AGA.  Here, the clinical relevance comes down to designing gene therapies which may eventually be able to stimulate the quiescent cellular machinery to once again begin producing viable hair.  Another exciting area of R&D is stem cell therapy.  In this model, the idea is to identify the key cellular precursors to hair follicle morphogenesis and grow these structures in vitro.  Eventually, the goal would be to harvest a small number of stem cells, grow them out into a “forest” of hair-producing follicles and then repopulate them into the bald scalp.

Buy Hair Genesis HERE

Buy Hair Genesis HERE

Many steps stand between where we are today and making this technology work reliably and safely.  However, as with gene therapy, it is very likely that in the coming years, breakthroughs in this field will happen.  We are living in an exciting era.  It is probable that those who are children today will, in their adulthood, enjoy the opportunity to permanently keep at bay most of the ailments we suffer with now.  May we all live to see this dream come true…


Stop Grow is a New Natural Hair Inhibitor

There is something new in the hair removal world you need to know about. Stop Grow Hair Inhibitor is a very new, lab formulated series of natural compounds with active ingredients that penetrate to the hair follicles and interrupts the growth phase or “Anagen Phase” of the hair that you want to have remove. It does this quick and painlessly and with not side effects or skin irritation at all.

Stop Grow Hair Removal System


You will begin to notice it working as your unwanted hair becomes shorter, thinner and sporadic making it less noticeable. This is a permanent hair removal system that works by inhibiting growth activity within the follicle to eliminate it forever.

Using Stop Grow for Hair Removal

Real Hair Removal ResultsBecause it’s a natural treatment for removing hair it can be used on the following areas without any risk or worries about side effects:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Shoulder
  • Feet
  • Buttocks

The rate at which hair grows and becomes thicker is mainly dependent on the amount of growth activity in the hair follicles. When this activity is inhibited the hair develops less quickly. The resulting slower and finer hair growth allows for easier depilation and shaving.

Stop Grow has been researched and developed on scientific knowledge that demonstrated the inhibitory effect of gymnemic acids I on phosphodiesterase activity. This inhibition leads to an increase of the level of cAMP that results in hair-growth inhibition.

This botanical hair-growth inhibitor was created from extracts from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre with identified tracer gymnemic acids, offers the most sensitive skin a longer lasting smoothness between two hair removal treatments.

The Stop Grow Clinical Studies

The clinical studies showed that of 15 volunteers who took part, some participants applied a 2% concentration of main ingredient “Telocapil” to one leg and a regular placebo to the other twice a day for exactly 63 days. The results were in and the clinical study concluded the following results:

Conclusion results: Body Hair Follicles Inhibited By 69%

  •     Reduced body hair in 93% of study participants
  •     Reduced overall hirsuteness by 60%
  •     Reduced anagen/telogen ration by 59%
  •     Reduced thickness of body hair by almost 30%

Remember these results are permanent! It has been proven that women prefer a man with no body hair so take note that it’s not only possible, it’s proven. Stop Grow for men and women is clinically proven to reduce unwanted body hair.

Featured Results

  •     Reduce body hair where ever you choose
  •     Long-lasting results
  •     Works on all colors of body hair
  •     Natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals
  •     Cuts down on need to shave or wax

With less body hair you shouldn’t be too surprised this summer if you’re the recipient of more attention from the opposite sex then ever before.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

No only will see your Stop Grow hair inhibitor within days of placing your order you are protected by a full 90 day guarantee. You won’t get just a portion of your money back you’ll get it all. This is how confident they are that the product works.

Order Stop Grow HERE

Order Stop Grow HERE

The new Stop Grow hair removal system is available in Canada the USA, international and is always shipped discretely for your privacy. It’s time to get bald and beautiful.